Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu


Kyoto Animation

TV Information

Fuji TV every Monday at 26:28

Fansubed By

A-F/AF, Keep, M-F/IY-A, Kingdom, Aozora, and AJ

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FMP is back!! Well at least kind of. The characters are back, the crazy antics are back but this time, at least so far, with out a plot. If you liked the crazy stuff that Sousuke does when at school you are going to love this series. Well heck if you liked the first FMP you probably going to like this one.

After watching the first 4 eps (or 7 by some groups) I had to watch them all over again because they were so funny. Anything with Bonta-kun (the stuffed bear) fighting and only saying Fumo and Fumoffu cracked me up.

Well anyways if you liked FMP watch this series. If you like comedy watch it... If you like anime in general the what the heck are you waiting for go and download it and start laughing. Fumoffu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!