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All new series with all new characters which I guess is a good thing and a bad thing. But over all ROD TV still has the coolness factor that the original OVA had. The first and second action scene were very well done though very short -_-.

ROD TV starts out with the introduction of Nenene. She was the former roommate of Yomiko Readman (Remember all the notes in her room). She is flying to Hong Kong for a book signing of her controversial book she had wrote years before. When she arrives in Hong Kong she is met by here guides Michelle and Maggie the first of the two paper sisters. She is then taken to her hotel, as they arrive at the hotel the room she was going to be staying in is blown up. Because of this Nenene's sponsors want her to cancel the book signing. However, Nenene decides that the book signing must go on because she will not back down to the people who do not like her book. Things progress and a two action scenes later the sisters have escorted Nenene back to Japan.

In episode 2 there are no action scenes T_T. But it does set up the plot for the rest of the series, at least I think, of the sisters becoming Nenene's bodyguards and them living with her.

This series is a must watch if you liked the OVA. It is a bit disappointing that we don't get to see the old characters but the sisters are enjoying to watch. I have high hopes for this series and should be worthwhile to watch even for people who haven't seen the OVA.