Full Metal Alchemist


Arakawa Hiromu


Gangan Comics







Full Metal Alchemist is about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are alchemists. The older brother, Edward, is a National Alchemist called "The Full Metal Alchemist." This story starts out with the brothers eating and asking questions about the sermon that is on the radio. They find out that it is the sermon of the founder of Letoism who has the "Power of Miracles." When they leave Alphonse accidentally knocks over the radio. He fixes it with alchemy which everyone says is the "Power of Miracles." After this they go and see one of the founder's sermons at which they determine that he is definitely using alchemy to trick the people. However he some how gets around the basic rule of alchemy which is that you must sacrifice one thing to get another aka an exact trade. Edward deduces that he must be using the "Philosopher stone" which they have been looking for.
Will the Elric brothers be able to get the Philosopher stone and prove that the founder is just using alchemy to fool people into thinking he is a messenger of god? Why is Edward called the "Full Metal Alchemist" and why is Alphonse always in a suit of armor?