Anime/Fansub Links
Anime Daisuki - Listing of currently playing and upcoming anime shows
Anime-Suki - Listing of many unlicensed Bit torrent anime links
Baka Updates - Listing of all licensed/unlicensed fansubs and dvd rips - Has some manga and anime downloads.
Envirosphere - Listing of all unlicensed fansub releases
Matlab - Has current fansub releases for download. Files are updated pretty quickly.
Scarywater - Large BT site that hosts only unlicensed fansubs.
Verbal - Has current fansub releases for download. Currently not up.
 Anime images/background Links
AnimeBGX - Wallpapers from LSE, Spiffu, Ruroshin, and some others.
Anime Layer - Form for talking about anime, wallpapers, webpages and lots else.

Anime Project Alliance
- Has one of the largest collections of anime images.
Mixedmedia - A collection of wallpapers created by Red and some donated wallpapers.
 Manga Links
Inane - Manga group that translates naruto manga and many other titles.
MangaCo - Small group but has lots of projects with lots of them being really good.
Manga Jouhou - Listing of unlicensed manga releases.
Manga Section - Manga group translates from Japanese and Chinese raws.
Project Omanga - Large group doing lots of titles.

Toriyama's World - Large manga group that translate many series.