Site opening and new Scrapped Princess wall
Well first of all welcome to Kyokujitsu. Second of all after a long long time of not walling anything I am some what back. Though I have forgotten most of the stuff I learned about walling -_-;; I used my aya wall as reference and came up with a similar wall. Well hopeful I will find time between going to work and finishing up my degree part time (should only take me another year and a half) to make more walls and relearn everything I forgot.
Well anyways in addition to the new wall under images is the image I used for the new wall. Under the review section are reviews for Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, R.O.D. TV, Fullmetal Alchemist manga, and Hunter X Hunter manga. Under downloads is the latest release of HXH, from TW and M-S, and the full version of the intro song to FMPF. I still don't have the about section up yet but that will probably be up with the next update.